Copyediting and proofreading

Did you ever wonder that why some of the top seller books are so smooth in reading?  You do not miss noticing the fact that how well the book is written so well paragraphing wise, tonality wise and cannot approve more about it.

If the case is so than you are appreciating the art of copyediting and proofreading and you too have an eye for it.

We all know the power of punctuation and grammar, a single mistake or if put in a wrong place it changes the meaning as well as the context set for the content flowing.

If you really want the written contents to be flawless and your writing is smooth and silky than you need a copyediting and proofreading person who knows to do it.

Copyediting and Proofreading are two essential process, which are very important part of content writing. Editing a book completely and then proofread it, is a complete task in itself and requires different types of skill.

Therefore, most writers who are full of creative juice likes their contents to be copyedit and proofread by a technical person who are very efficient in this skill.

Applying these techniques, the copyeditor and proof-reader makes sure that whatever type of content it may be, it should be devoid of any error, grammar wise or any other errors.

Many people share the notion that copyediting and proofreading are same. But it is not. They are two complete process which compliment each other.

Let’s learn about them in detail.

What Copyediting Entails?

Copyediting entails

Copy editing is a language enhancer technique in which it is made sure that the content is correct in grammar usage, correct choice of words, jargons, terminology, semantics and the representation of factual data is represented properly. The issue of copyright is also handled properly.

Copyediting provides both style and organization to the content and if rewriting is required to enhance the quality of the content, then the content is rewritten too, without spoiling the essence of the content or disturbing the information of the author’s intent or what he/she means to say.

Further, it ensures that the content written by you is consistent, the paragraphing contains style and structure, its cohesiveness and completeness are well in place.

A copyeditor may have to rewrite the original content to improve the quality and smooth reading, without changing author’s thought and intent. It’s a more in-depth piece of work.

What Proofreading Entails?

Proofreading Entails


Proofreading is about checking that there are no mistakes left after the copyediting, hence checking spelling, punctuations, style, format the content and do indexing and references too. After proofreading the content is all set to go for publishing.

Most writer although think they have written it well, but its very difficult to proofread to one own document. We need another pair of eyes to look through the content as our brain gets accustomed of looking it and often misses the errors.

After the advance technology intervention in digital platform, content writing has become very popular as it a caters to business too. Many content writers, whose native language is not English also write in English. Therefore, it becomes more essential that these contents get through copyediting and proofreading. Specially, getting their article and content proofread by a professional proof-reader.

As a proof-reader we take care of the following:

1. The whole content read and revised multiple times.

2. The proofreading to do list is kept for checking.

3. Skim the whole content and mark all mistakes as per proofreading.

4. Read it aloud, to find the sense making, and put the punctuation marks at proper places.

5. The whole content is read from backward so that each word can be checked.

6. Special attention is given to use of prepositions.

7. Capitalization and abbreviations are look into.

8. Research facts and data to crosscheck.

9. Check index, format and references.

10. Check titles, subtitles etc.

How our Copyediting & Proofreading Benefits Clients:

Copyediting and Proofreading are professional skills and are very much in demand. Whether its book writing, or blog writing, academic writing, thesis writing, or writing for social media or newspaper or whitepaper, your writing needs to be perfect. We provide the following:

1. Great we make sure that writing has a good smooth flow and do not let anything interfering with the clarity of the information/ knowledge for which it has been written for.

2. We also give free consultation to enhance quality of books and how to increase its readability.

3. Whenever necessary we rewrite the content to improve its style and organization.

4. We ensure that the piece of writing contain smooth syntax, right choice of word at right place and sentence structure are efficient and effective to make the writers intent clear.

5. We follow MLA or APA stylesheet as per client’s choice.

6. The final outcome is to make the content look great, flawless and perfect.

7. The document is formatted according to all prescribed guidelines. 8.Whether writers  have good knowledge of English or not our editors are good in English and Hindi both.

8. We keep your documents confidential, safe, and provide secure service.


Hope you have got a fair idea of about our copyediting and proofreading services.

The content we write for digital platform and other social media should not contain any spelling mistakes as well as mistakes in formats, syntax or consistency.

Many content writers’ think that these are very little things, but these little things are good enough to spoil your name as an author or a content writer and make your readers run away. All good writers, go for copyedit and proofreading.

As a content writer you must know that copyediting and proofreading can take your writing to the next level and help to attain perfection.

If you are writer and want to get your content copyedited and proofread, then contact us.